We have ONE purpose.

Our purpose is to provide the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE  to elders living with diminished cognitive and/or physical limitations. We do this by providing assisted living residences that offer safety, security, dignity and independence in intimate home settings, staffed with well-trained, compassionate and engaging caregivers.
Interested in Sodalis Care for your loved one? Click here and select a community for assistance.


Sodalis Memory Care

  • Alzheimer’s Care Pioneers since 1998.
  • Research based care for the WHOLE person
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Sodalis Assisted Living

  • Intimate settings to enhance community
  • Committed to dignity, integrity and service
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Sodalis Respite Care

  • Rest for caregivers
  • Support and Understanding for elders
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How do I know it’s time to seek help?

“The last few years we’ve noticed that Mom has become more and more isolated in her home. We live out of state and we are concerned about her. Over the holidays, we visited and discovered some behaviors that cause us to worry about her remaining at home. How do we know when it’s time to discuss a different living situation?”
“My father has lived with my husband and I for 3 years, ever since he was no longer able to take care of himself at home.  We have been doing pretty well, even with sleepless nights and some behaviors that are tough to manage. Recently my husband was diagnosed with a chronic illness. The stresses and strains of caring for him AND my father are beginning to take a toll on me.  I’m not sure how long I can continue being the primary caregiver for my dad and my husband.”

Significant behavioral concerns


Your loved one is experiencing increased isolation and lack of socialization.

Sleep Confusion
Your loved one is consistently experiencing confusion of day and nights.

Wandering Behaviors
Your loved one is exit-seeking: wanting to go home, maybe even looking for their childhood home  /   uncertain of where he/she needs to go  / wandering seems to be brought on by agitation

Problem Behaviors
Your loved one is exhibiting aggressive of impulsive behaviors.

ADL Needs
Your loved one requires incontinence care and/or full time assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs.)

Caregiver Exhaustion
You, as caregiver, are no longer able to meet the needs of your loved one because of your own needs or limitations.

Where Do I Begin?

If you feel it might be time to begin exploring the possibility of care for your loved one, we understand that you might have many questions and are not sure where to even begin.  We would love to assist you in that process, whether you choose Sodalis as your loved one’s new home or not.

Interested in Sodalis Care for your loved one? Click here and select a community for assistance. One of our caring associates will:

  • Call or email you in regards to your loved one
  • Ask questions to discover more about the needs and situation regarding your loved one
  • Take time to answer your questions and address your concerns
  • Invite you to come take a tour of our community and see firsthand the family atmosphere and loving home that our residents enjoy
  • Address any financial questions or concerns you might have
  • Then, if you feel that Sodalis is the right choice, we will assist you in selecting the perfect apartment and walk you through the move in process.

We cannot change the outcome, but we CAN change the journey! 


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