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Sodalis Employees Participate in Mud Volleyball Fundraiser

Aug 9 2014 Mud Volleyball

Sodalis Employees know how to work hard AND play hard. This is true especially when a good cause is involved! Sodalis employees participated in a Mud Volleyball Event hosted by Kirkwood Manor and Sterling House in New Braunfels. This event was Sterling House’s fundraiser for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. We had a great time…


Interesting New Biomarkers to Spot Alzheimer’s


Often in research circles you may come across the term “biomarker.” Let’s be clear about what a biomarker is. Wikipedia provides the following definition: In medicine, a biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of some disease state. More generally a biomarker is anything that can be used as an indicator of a particular disease state or some…