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We share inspiring and interesting information about aging, caregiving and dementia.  This is also a great place to get a feel for what is happening in Sodalis communities. Read about daily life, special events and what makes us special!

Waco Memory Care Residents Celebrate Marriage


For many years, June has been the most popular month for weddings. At Sodalis Memory Care in Waco, we honored that long standing tradition with a special day of celebrating weddings with our residents. Last week, we dedicated a day to focus on weddings. We immersed ourselves in wedding culture, watching funny wedding videos on…


Memory Care residents prepare for 4th of July

At Sodalis Memory Care in SW Austin, we had a little fun as we began thinking about and preparing for the 4th of July! Our residents enjoyed making these fun license plates to “Trick Out” their walkers and wheelchairs. Last week we also had a combined birthday party for Inez and her son Robert who…


Happy Hour at Sodalis Assisted Living Garden Ridge

martini party

We know how to beat the heat wave with Happy Hour @ Garden Ridge! Happy Hour happens once a month in our community. This month, assisted living residents met up with their friends to enjoy Lemon Drop Martinis! The women enjoyed reminiscing about their past times while the men told old army stories. Everyone left…


Student Dance Project teaches how Alzheimer’s disease progresses


This video is a dance project created for the Student Bio Expo. The dance illustrates the stages of Alzheimer’s disease through movements that symbolize the physical and mental changes that take place as the disease progresses. The Student Bio Expo is a unique science fair that engages over 300 high school students in creative ways…


China Spring Fire Department Honors Sodalis Waco resident on his birthday

side of truck

Today was a special day for Sodalis Memory Care resident CD Maxwell. CD celebrated his 80th Birthday AND 66 years of marriage to his wife, Rita. Everyone enjoyed the celebration and we also welcomed the China Spring Fire Department who joined us to honor Mr. Maxwell today for his services as a Wildfire Firefighter in California…


Lingering Emotions outlast Memories

npr linger

This 2010 report from NPR Research News provides very important news to those who care for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The news reassures us that moments with loved ones can have a powerful lasting impact even when the actual memory of the event is gone. Justin S. Feinstein, who was a graduate student…


Residents at Sodalis Memory Care in SW Austin enjoy Sensory Activity time

Luz is pleased with her success.

Sensory Activity time provides opportunities for socialization and fun. Nina and Deb work with Tanagrams, identifying shapes and colors. Deb is Nina’s daughter and an incredible help during our afternoon activities. The stacking activity that Luz participates in requires a variety of thinking skills. She is obviously pleased with her success! Ron worked with Charles…


Life Purpose and Your Brain Health


A few articles have recently surfaced about the connection between brain health and one’s sense of life purpose. Here are three particularly interesting articles that move from research about the connection between purpose and brain health to an actual tool to explore your own sense of life purpose. A 2010 research study from Dr. David Bennett, director…


Caregiving Skills: The Need to Nurture

Jim with baby

Here’s a photo that speaks volumes on Father’s Day and is a great example of how at Sodalis Memory Care we work to understand the behaviors of those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This is Jim. Often in the afternoon, Jim would become agitated. One of Jim’s caregivers discovered that she could…


Sodalis Memory Care Waco celebrates National Nursing Assistants Week

miriam walker

Sodalis Assisted Living & Memory Care in Waco celebrated National Nursing Assistants Week with a a superhero themed celebration. Our team of 25 resident assistants and other staff enjoyed a Karaoke party with our residents. Marcus Mercer, Engagement Director for Sodalis was at the party and was christened “Super Marcus” by the staff. Marcus always wears many…