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We share inspiring and interesting information about aging, caregiving and dementia.  This is also a great place to get a feel for what is happening in Sodalis communities. Read about daily life, special events and what makes us special!

Personal Ponies & Sodalis Assisted Living & Memory Care


On Friday October, 17 2014 the residents of Sodalis Assisted Living & Memory Care were surprised with a visit from some four-legged friends. Mary Devine & a team of school aged volunteers not only provided our residents with an opportunity to interact with children, but to connect with 2 small Shetland Ponies & a donkey….


Memory Care Doll Therapy at Sodalis New Braunfels

with doll

Doll Therapy at Sodalis New Braunfels from Sodalis Living / Memory Care on Vimeo. In August, we shared a post entitled Dolls used in Alzheimer’s Care. That post shares information about the benefits and ethics of doll therapy and some practical information about it. The video we share today shows residents at Sodalis New Braunfels involved in caring…


UTHSC Nursing Students visit Sodalis New Braunfels to Learn about Dementia Care

nursing students 2014

On October 13th, Sodalis hosted a group of nursing students from the University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio to our New Braunfels community. Marcus Mercer, Director of Life Engagement, teamed up with Susie Reiff (not pictured) a few years ago to provide more learning opportunities to Susie’s students before entering their respective…