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Inactivity’s Affect on the Brain

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Until around twenty years ago, scientists believed that the structure of the human brain was complete by adulthood. That after adolescence, people could not literally, “change their minds.” The belief was widely held that creating new brain cells or changing existing brain cells was impossible. What happened to change this belief in the static brain?…


Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

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  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, 1 of 3 adults over 65 suffers a fall.  Among seniors, falls are the primary cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Helping to make a senior’s home safe and secure can mean helping them stay at home as long as is reasonably…


Best Friends™ Dementia Bill of Rights


People diagnosed with dementia continue to face obstacles and some stigma associated with their illness. Fortunately, many people have helped advance the cause of Alzheimer’s education and patient rights. Every celebrity who steps forward and publicly shares their story helps this cause. Researchers and caregivers everywhere who teach others daily through their knowledge and example…


Streaming Well: Learn about Dementia

streaming well

Streaming Well, a digital video producer and publisher in the UK, specializes in medical, lifestyle, pregnancy and parenting information. They have several short videos about dementia that are informative and simple to understand.  These videos make a great resource for people just beginning to learn about these issues.   What is Dementia?   What is Alzheimer’s?…


Alzheimer’s Treatment: An update on recent developments

CBS This Morning (1-4-2013) hosted a guest expert for a brief discussion on the outlook for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Jon LaPook, CBS correspondent, and Harvard Professor of Neurology, Dr Rudolph Tanzi, Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital, reflect on the British response to the growing threat of Alzheimer’s reflected in…


Empathy Growth in Alzheimer’s Patients


Anyone who has experience with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia knows that these illnesses are multi-faceted. Many in the general public think of confusion, memory loss and problems with language as the hallmarks of these diseases. Those who are better acquainted with dementia know that there are profound emotional consequences to dementia related illnesses….