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We share inspiring and interesting information about aging, caregiving and dementia.  This is also a great place to get a feel for what is happening in Sodalis communities. Read about daily life, special events and what makes us special!

Interesting New Biomarkers to Spot Alzheimer’s


Often in research circles you may come across the term “biomarker.” Let’s be clear about what a biomarker is. Wikipedia provides the following definition: In medicine, a biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of some disease state. More generally a biomarker is anything that can be used as an indicator of a particular disease state or some…


Sodalis Victoria II Gorgeous Grandmas Day

IMG_3581 – Copy

Sodalis Victoria residents and staff at our John Stockbauer community celebrated Gorgeous Grandmas Day. Our day began with most of the ladies going to the beauty shop to get their hair done. Then we had fun as our staff and manager applied make up to each gorgeous grandma while listening to music and laughing. We…


Sodalis Cross Street Celebrates Gorgeous Grandma Day!


Sodalis Cross Street Residents enjoyed celebrating Gorgeous Grandmas Day on July 23rd. Residents were assisted with hair and make up to get “fancy” for a tea party. Some ladies enjoyed making elaborate hats out of construction paper. Jackie brought in a real tea set for us to use. We had a specialist guest for the…


Sodalis Garden Ridge Celebrates Gorgeous Grandma Day!


Sodalis Garden Ridge celebrated Gorgeous Grandmas Day on July 23rd! Garden Ridge Sodalis ladies celebrated their first Gorgeous Grandmas Day in style. A tea party featured muffins, tea sandwiches and truffles. The ladies and a few guests enjoyed listening to music and engaging in a discussion about grandmothers. The afternoon was topped off by each…


Alzheimer’s Association 24 Hour Helpline

helpline person

Were you aware that the Alzheimer’s Association has a helpline that is available around the clock? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week someone is available at the helpline to provide support and/or assistance. The helpline is staffed by highly trained and knowledgable individuals who can provide assistance for a variety of issues from…


Sensory Overload Experience


Healthy individuals often overlook just how stimulating our environments have become. Our brains process a tremendous amount of information as we navigate daily life. We are constantly bombarded with sights, sounds, and choices.  Whether in our communities or in the privacy of our homes, most of us experience “noisy” lives. Even those of us who…


Caregiver Focus: Don’t Try to Go it Alone

Teamwork horses

Stop for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Look at the photo below as you take a few quiet moments for yourself. Let yourself focus on the horses in the photograph. What are they doing?  Why do farmers use teams of horses rather than individuals?  There’s an unproven anecdote about horses working in…