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Sodalis Elder Living Blog

We share inspiring and interesting information about aging, caregiving and dementia.  This is also a great place to get a feel for what is happening in Sodalis communities. Read about daily life, special events and what makes us special!

To avoid dementia, you need plenty of REST! (and we don’t mean sleep…)

Woman Sleeping

Scientist and researchers have struggled to try to understand why some people who have the characteristic brain tangles and plaques of Alzheimer’s disease never develop the disease. A group of Harvard researchers may have an answer. If additional research supports the Harvard findings, the Harvard answer may well lead to new treatment opportunities. The Harvard…


Meet Sodalis Elder Living Training Coordinator, Brittney Clark

Brittney Clark

In 2013, we identified the need to provide consistent and substantial training across our assisted living communities.  Training has always been a major commitment for us at Sodalis, in fact, our training was good, but can you ever really feel like you have learned enough when it comes to providing excellent care? The answer to…


Sodalis Alzheimer’s Ambassador meets with Congressman Lloyd Doggett

Nicole and Lloyd Doggett

Sodalis Vice President of Operations, Nicole Gasaway serves as an Alzheimer’s Ambassador, helping the Alzheimer’s Association’s federal government relations efforts through personal contact with members of Congress. Nicole was delighted today to meet with Congressman Lloyd Doggett along with Meg Barron, Executive Director of the San Antonio and South Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association….